Graduate Support

The Graduate Support Program is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the overall program at Sisters Academy. The Director of Graduate Support helps each eighth grader and her family during the high school application and selection process. The Director keeps in regular contact with students during high school. The goal of the program is that students who graduate from Sisters Academy will complete high school and continue their education in college.

Graduates of Sisters Academy provide service at Sisters Academy during the summer and are invited to special events at school. They are eligible for SAT Prep classes at no cost. They are nominated for special summer institutes and workshops at colleges, such as Bucknell University and Franklin and Marshall University.

As of June 2021, one hundred percent (100%) of the graduates of Sisters Academy’s first ten classes (2008 through 2017) have earned their high school diploma. Ninety percent (90%) of all of our graduates attend or have graduated from a private, Catholic, or selective public high school. Ninety percent (90%) of the young women who have completed high school have graduated from college, are attending college, or are enrolled in other professional, technical, or military service programs.