Scholarship Sponsors

Sponsor A Student
One of our goals is to provide ongoing support for the students of Sisters Academy by developing a cadre of student scholarship sponsors, one for each student at the Academy. The student scholarship program connects friends of Sisters Academy with individual students. Students write to their sponsors several times during the year, and the sponsors are invited to meet the students at Sponsor Appreciation Day and at other events during the year. A student sponsorship is an annual commitment of $6,000 for an academic year scholarship or $7,500 for a full scholarship. We ask for a commitment for four years.

Sponsor A Class
A class sponsorship is an annual commitment of $25,000 by a corporate entity, organization, foundation, or individual. The focus here is to provide additional scholarship funding for the support of an entire class, e.g. the Class of 2022 (our present fifth-graders). Class Sponsors commit to a high level of funding because they believe in the mission of Sisters Academy.