Thirteenth Graduation – Class of 2024

Wednesday, June 12 at 4:00 pm

The ceremony will be held at St Clement Church on Second Avenue, across the street from the school. Park in our parking lot.

An undercurrent of excitement permeates the hallways of Sisters Academy as Graduation Day approaches. On the actual day, soon-to-be alumnae don their white graduation caps and gowns and their red stoles and quibble about which way the tassels should hang. The eighth-graders proceed across the street to St. Clement Church for the actual ceremony. The girls are celebrated with all the pomp and circumstance possible. There is a keynote speaker – usually a graduate – who will share some words of wisdom about what is coming next. As one speaker said: “Sisters Academy has fully equipped you to grow in your next stage of life.” The climax of the graduation ceremony is the awarding of diplomas by the President. Our new alumnae keep their red stoles, first received almost four years ago when they were welcomed into the Sisters Academy community at the investiture ceremony.