Sisters Academy of Baltimore is rich in traditions that foster a sense of community and celebration among its students.

The Power of Sisters Event stands out as a powerful gathering, emphasizing the strength found in unity. Fall Fest and Winterfest bring the joy of the seasons to campus, providing students with moments of fun and camaraderie. The Christmas Sale not only spreads holiday cheer but also serves as a platform for our students to learn the sacredness of giving. The observance of Las Posadas adds a cultural touch, celebrating the journey of Mary and Joseph.

Advent is a cherished time, marked by reflection and anticipation in preparation for Christmas. SAB Class Quilts, crafted collaboratively, showcase the unique bond within each class. Lastly, the Big sister/Little Sister tradition creates enduring connections between students, fostering mentorship and support throughout their academic journey. Together, these traditions weave a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences and values at Sisters Academy of Baltimore.