Our Students

Sisters Academy serves girls from some of the poorest neighborhoods in Baltimore City, particularly those in west and southwest Baltimore. These communities struggle with poverty, high unemployment, drug addiction, and crime.

The ethnicity of our students reflects the racial diversity of their home neighborhoods. The majority (75%) of our children are African-American, with other students of mixed race, Hispanic and Caucasian backgrounds. Our students’ families are all low-income, with over 90% qualifying for the federal free or reduced meals program. Although Sisters Academy is a middle school in the Catholic tradition, most of our students are non-Catholic and many state no religious affiliation.

Sisters Academy of Baltimore seeks to enroll 20 girls per grade, 5-8. Sisters Academy students come with spirit and motivation. They are intellectually curious and capable of critical thinking. At this stage of their lives, they are forming a sense of their own identity, discovering their strengths, and beginning to define their personal goals.

Over four years, our students advance academically, explore their interests, and acquire life skills. They improve their scores on standardized tests. They learn how to play basketball or soccer. They find new ways to express themselves through art and music. They even learn to cook. They provide service in their neighborhoods. The values and skills our students develop during their four years at Sisters Academy guide their choices far into the future.