Our Students

Sisters Academy of BaltimoreSisters Academy of Baltimore is a success story in progress.  Founded by four congregations of religious sisters, the school was created to give academically talented and motivated middle school girls from southwest and west Baltimore an excellent education – a launching pad to success in high school and beyond.  All students – regardless of faith, race, or income – are provided with an inclusive education that meets each child’s individual needs and nurtures their unique aspirations.

Students at Sisters Academy are educated in a holistic way, with attention to social, emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual growth.  Traditional learning is bolstered by consistent attention to all aspects of human development.  At Sisters Academy, students:

  • develop values for life with respect for God, self, and all creation
  • grow spiritually through reflection and prayer
  • grow in personal honesty and honor to make choices with integrity
  • learn to organize self and work to live with less stress and more productivity
  • learn to get along with others through positive communication, listening, and problem solving
  • learn important life skills like goal setting, personal discipline, and leadership
  • appreciate beauty and find it in their surroundings and life
  • develop artistic abilities to express themselves freely
  • develop interests that are meaningful to them and aid their growth

Girls at Sisters Academy are part of a “sisterhood” of students – past, present, and future.  From day one, teachers, student peers, family members, and the school’s graduates encourage each student to set goals and work toward them in meaningful ways.

Sisters Academy of Baltimore seeks to enroll 20 girls per grade, in grades 5-8.  Sisters Academy students come with spirit and motivation.  They are intellectually curious and capable of critical thinking.  At this stage of their lives, they are forming a sense of their own identity, discovering their strengths, and beginning to define their personal goals.

Over four years, our students advance academically, explore their interests, and acquire life skills.  They improve their scores on standardized tests.  They learn how to play basketball or soccer.  They find new ways to express themselves through art and music.  They even learn to cook.  They provide service in their neighborhoods.  The values and skills our students develop during their four years at Sisters Academy guide their choices far into the future.