Positive Impact.

Sisters Academy of Baltimore is deeply committed to instilling a sense of social responsibility in its students through a dedication to community outreach and volunteerism. Emphasizing the importance of making a positive impact beyond the school walls, Sisters Academy actively engages with various organizations. Students contribute their time and energy to enrich the lives of seniors at Stella Maris Retirement Home, fostering intergenerational connections and spreading joy. At Paul’s Place and Beans and Bread, students actively participate in initiatives addressing homelessness, exemplifying our commitment to compassion and social justice.

The collaboration with Bon Secours Community Works aims to uplift underserved communities, embodying the spirit of solidarity. Sisters Academy’s involvement with St. Francis Neighborhood Center and Coursey Station further underscores our dedication to creating positive change in the broader community.

Through these outreach and volunteer opportunities, Sisters Academy of Baltimore empowers its students to be compassionate leaders actively involved in creating a better world.