New Frontiers

New Frontiers is our three-week required summer program for girls who have completed 4th grade and applied for admission to Sisters Academy. The program is designed to provide structured stimulation, curb summertime learning loss, encourage inventive thinking, provide enrichment experiences, improve social skills, and increase physical activity for our applicants. At the conclusion of the program, the faculty provides an assessment of each girl’s progress. The assessment helps the staff and administration to determine which students would be the best fit for the new fifth grade class at the Academy. The assessment also helps those who are not coming to Sisters Academy understand their strengths and address their weaknesses as they enter fifth grade.

Each day, the girls meet together in our “gathering space” to focus for the day. These morning sessions are led by the Principal. For the remainder of the morning, the participants will be in classrooms completing thought-provoking writing assignments and working in groups to do hands-on mathematics exercises that involve measurement, graphing, and manipulating geometric shapes. They will also read for content in social studies.

In the afternoons, the girls will enjoy music, art, and physical activities such as kick ball, dodge floor hockey, gymnastics, or parachute games. They will spend an hour each day engaged in individual art projects such as sculpting with clay, creating pastel murals, or fashioning robots out of large cardboard boxes. The focus will be on design as well as technique. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to display their completed art pieces.

New Frontiers is designed to expose girls to a new educational experience built on a spirit of peace and respect where they learn in small groups and grow in social relationships and skills. The teachers in the program are full-time teachers at Sisters Academy during the academic year.